Güncel Patoloji Dergisi 2017, Cilt 1, Ek Sayı
Binnur Önal1, Aysun Uguz1, Ayşegül Aksoy Altunboğa1, Mehmet Ali Uyaroğlu1, Şule Canberk1, Jaroslava Duskova2, Ambrogio Fassina2, Amanda Herbert2, Arrigo Capitanio2, Ruggero Bonora2, Josh Poznansky2, Arrigo Bondi2, Martin Tötsch2, Roberto Dina2
1Turkish Society Of Cytopathology
2European Union-leonardo/erasmus+

OBJECTIVES: The Eurocytology website was originally developed with Leonardo funding in 2005-7. It was formerly available in 6 languages (English, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Polish and Hungarian).Turkish Society of Cytopathology participated in the Leonardo Da Vinci Programme 2008 initiative and became an official partner in 2013-2015.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Cross cutting themes of the project has been; qual opportunities , sustainability and sustainable development for all the activities undertaken collaboratively and internationally. In march-april 2015 the use of the old website was reviewed with 108 responses from users specifically analysed .

RESULTS: The following information was noted:

  • 60.2% of users have used a training website in the past

  • 49.1% used Eurocytology as part of their training

  • 63% use English to view the website; 9.3% Italian; 7.4% Spanish;4.6% Czech, but 0% Turkish (prefer turkish link)

  • 43.5% found the old website very easy to navigate and 32.4% found it moderately easy.5.6% found it difficult

CONCLUSIONS: The use of the original Eurocytology website has significantly exceeded expectations. In 2013 it received on average 50,000 visits and 75,000 pages downloaded/ month. Out of 79,101 sessions carried out in the period 5833(7.37%) were from Turkey, making that country now the third biggest user. Testing and piloting the e-learning tool with cytology users (more people than originally planned for) gave us a clear insight into user demands and we have amended our platform in the light of these - again involving all the relevant partners preparing website materials.

We have exceeded our impact targets in terms of website visits, target numbers for dissemination activities, use of Eurocytology for accredited course training, self-assessment tests, the QUATE mock exam and pilot exercises

Anahtar Kelimeler : Eurocytology